• Designed for a comfortable ride
  • Confident traction on wet and dry surfaces
  • Armed with technologies that help deliver durability with a good tread life
  • Run-flat mobility in the event of a puncture

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The Bridgestone Dueller Hp Sport runflat is specifically designed to meet the increasing demands of OEMs.  Run-flat tyres provide temporary self-supporting run-flat mobility for a distance of 80 kms at up to 80 kph, even after a puncture has allowed complete air pressure loss. NOTE: Run-flat tires are only recommended for vehicles that are originally equipped with self-supporting run-flat tires and equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system

• High Silica Content provides superior wet performance
• High quality appearance, ever black sidewall

Tyre Width 255
Tyre Profile 50
Rim Size 19 It is the diameter of the tyre’s innerRim in inches.
Load Index 106 The load index corrolates to the maximum amount of weight the tire can carry.
Tyre SI Y This indicates the maximum speed for the actual tyre at full load.



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